Welcome to Desiderium

Hi there!

I'm Andreina, and I'm the founder of Desiderium Candles. Life has brought me to this very special place in Vermont, and I knew I wanted to stay here. So I decided to embark on a thrilling adventure of having my own company.

That's how Desiderium started—with a desire for something better. You may ask, what does "Desiderium" mean? It comes from Latin dēsīderō, which means "desire." I believe that one common thing we all have is that we all want something really bad, and I will accompany you while you also make your dreams come true.

My candles are made with my special recipe: a premium blend of waxes—soy wax, coconut wax, and beeswax—all handcrafted with love by yours truly. These three waxes blended together make a long-lasting candle with a better scent made for you.

Making the candles required a lot of trial and error, but in the end, we ended with a high-quality product.

I wanted to make something that was both beautiful and functional—something that would burn cleanly, smell great, and produce a nice-looking wax pool at the bottom of the candle. Our goal was simple: To create something beautiful enough to keep on display as part of your home decor while also being functional enough for everyday use!

So join me in this adventure and I will join in yours every time you light up your candle think about what you wish to accomplish—and never quit that dream!